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How do you stay up to date in HR?

You can’t be good at HR without staying up to date. It’s just not possible.

That’s why we created a simple, fast & affordable way for you to do it.

Announcing the HR Growth Membership

       1. HR Mindshift Magazine

Monthly HR publication delivered to your home, including; 30 Days in Tribunal; 30 HR lessons to learn; The Secret Diary of a HRP, HR Bootcamp concepts articles & more

       2. HRinRehab Community

84% of HR Strategies are wrong & invite risk! Test yours BEFORE mistakes happen. All Community Questions are answered by Industry Experts, Lawyers & Judges.

           3. HR Value Hacks

Two x five minute videos every week with live learnings from our live coaching calls. Follow bootcamp concepts for practical, safe HR.

Are you Green & Growing, or, are you Ripe & Rotten?

  1. How do you prove you are growing?
  2. What do you talk about in interviews?
  3. How do you prove you should progress or that you think differently to bad HR?

HR changes every day. Every day we see the main reason for BAD HR coming from having a FIXED HR mindset.

Just think about how much HR has changed over the past few years, working from home…quiet quitting…the rise of discrimination case…work place aggression…reasonable adjustments…increased number of grievances and mental health issues. Pickets, riots, terrorism, these are all reasons that HR cant stand still and you need to stay up to date.

To have a Growth Mindset in HR you need to stay up to date.

Growth Mindset?

“Of course that’s me, but I’m just so busy I don’t have the time”

That’s exactly why we created The HR Growth Membership;

  • → Stay up-to-date with HR process, Rules & Best Practice;
  • → Enjoy reading Tribunal updates with easy to follow lessons learned;
  • → Receive unlimited expert advice from industry experts;
  • → Change your career, and your HR Mindset;
  • → Lock in your Growth Membership price for life;
  • → No Tie-ins, No Commitment. Leave at any time.

Limited Offer – 50% Discount 
Normally £49.97 per month, but join today for ONLY £24.97 per month.

Hear What Our Members Say

“I wish this had been around when I first started as it would have saved me so much time, energy, stress and sleepless nights. Since joining the membership I work less hours, have more confidence, get better and faster HR results. There is always something to learn every day.  use this every day.”

Sarah V.

People Business Partner

“Fantastic! Worth every penny!  The learning and videos are great but just to be a part of a community when dealing with a stressful situation is worth its weight in gold to me.  Since joining the HR Growth Membership I achieve so much more and work less and worry less! I would be lost without it.  So excited and happy I joined”

Yasmin M.

VP Human Resources

“HR in Rehab bring a completely new and different approach to HR.  An approach which is much needed and makes so much sense.  I now enjoy my job so much more and my bosses have started to value my advice and practical approach so much more.  All this for a tiny price that I dont even notice paying”

Alexander M.

Employee Relations Case Manager

“I just wanted to say thank you, I would not have survived the last 3 months without this membership. I have now upgraded to lock in the coaching membership and it’s been invaluable to have both the magazine, hacks, community and the added coaching. Most people don't have their company know they've joined but mine are actually paying which makes it win-win for me. I know for a fact this has saved my company thousands and thousands of pounds already as well as saving us time and energy by getting safer results and removing risk, all in a shorter space of time—I know that good HR lands differently.

Lara G.

HRBP focused on D&I

“The stories, examples and cases are really great but for me, my biggest reason to join was the feeling of having a safe place where I know I can ask questions (however daft or stupid they seem to others) and not being judged. The mantra for the membership is no shame, no blame and no judgement. I have never had that from any other community.”

Isobel H.

Senior HR Partner

“Fully recommend to anyone wanting to invest in their HR career. To be honest I could never read tribunal judgements or keep up to date, I didn’t even know where to find them, the fact they get delivered to my door and are written so clearly makes me look forward to learning all about the cases and seeing which relate to my work every month. I locked in my price, the MindShift is delivered to my home so my company don’t even know where I am getting this boost of confidence from!!

Brooke G.

HR Director

Lock in your membership today for only £24.97/month (normally £49.97)